Chris McKenna - August 9th 2020

Current Value: About The Producer

In today’s interview, we got the chance to sit down with the German-powerhouse that is Current Value for an exclusive interview having a peek into what he’s been working on so far, along with how he creates such a unique stylish approach to music whether that’s live or in the studio! Known for his diversity and experimental style that transcends across multiple tones and sub-genres, Current Value has proved he can push into new territory comfortably - such as his collaboration with Björk in late 2012’s ‘Bastards’ album along with his ground-breaking audio/visual shows – ‘CVAV’. Let us hop right in to find out some more!

So! We noticed you started doing tuition with all this free time – how has that gone for you so far?

It's been going pretty well. People seem hungry to learn more in these times! I have never considered doing tuition too seriously, but now that I’m doing it, I’ve found that it’s something I like doing.

What else have you been doing to occupy yourself during these times?

Making a LOT of tunes. I have also noticed that I’ve become increasingly critical about my production again, as the current situation has given me more free time… It’s a good thing to get out of the hamster wheel for a bit.

If you had to pick your favourite tune going around now, which one would you say and why?

Sevin — Another Disaster. Brilliantly musical, masterfully done... And it was the "listening" tune of my recent NZ/OZ tour.

When you created the sample pack for our website, what process did you do to pick out the bits you thought would be worth sharing?

I didn’t pick anything, as everything was created from scratch dedicatedly for the pack. I was just thinking "Neuro", Jump Up", "Roller"... and started creating something covering all areas to some extent.

You are very experimental in the way that you produce and deliver songs which is what makes them so unique; what advice would you give to someone who wants to broaden their sound and production?

Grow your abilities through practice and ear-training because that is what enables a producer to create freely.

When you play live, why do you use separate software on your tablet – is it just a preference and/or for better control over your live sets?

It’s both! Excellent controls and doing things differently in a creative way, having parameters at hand that you will not find in a classic CDJ/Turntable setup is just my preference!

How is the next CVAV coming along?

CVAV is still in its 2.0 stage, and there are some confirmed shows that are set to be rescheduled. Creating for CVAV is always going on, and more material will be prepared as new music and visuals are added, as well as new tech being applied both regarding audio and visuals.

On a final note, is there anything you wish to promote at the moment?

I will keep doing mastering and tuitions during the lockdown. Plus, my next LP on YUKU is in progress!

We would just like to say a massive thank you for joining us for an interview. It was interesting to get some more insight in how your mind ticks! Make sure to follow Current Value on his socials to keep up to date with his newest releases. If you wish to check out his tuition and mastering lessons, make sure to keep any eye on his Facebook page for more information.

Finally, the Current Value sample pack is live on ByTheProducer and we highly recommend you check it out:

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