Cal Sorensen - July 03 2020

Single Spotlight: Dimension - Hatred

“Do you feel alive?” If there’s one thing you’re assured of when it comes to the enigma that is Dimension, it’s quality - and lots of it; this is music that makes you feel alive at your core. Across a wide, verging on unparalleled breadth of sounds, synths and sonics (plus everything in between), Dimension has slowly but surely evolved into a Drum & Bass demi-god since he landed on CYN, and then MTA Records, all that time ago. In fact, we’d bet good money he’s probably got a permanent studio at the very top of Mount Olympus; there’s some real god-like, omniscient characteristics and modules conjured up by his music, aesthetics, visuals and collaborations and, as highlighted by his often sincere, mysterious output, there’s plenty more where that came from, especially with an as-yet-untitled album en route.

Taking its place as the second single of four from the album, ‘Hatred’ is in many ways an astute, logical follow up to the expertly-crafted, flowing ‘Saviour’, which saw Dimension draw upon some beautifully haunting vocals from the ultra-talented Sharlene Hector, well-known in her own right for her terrific solo work and collaborations with Shy FX, Dr Meaker, Dego, Sola Rosa, Reel People and more. As with a number of Dimension drops that have come before, the latest single subtly and indirectly juxtaposes ‘Saviour’ (think ‘Don’t Sleep’ & ‘Love To Give’ w/ Culture Shock and ‘If You Want To’ & ‘Devotion’), allowing Dimension to yet again deliver on all fronts, and in every avenue he puts his mind to.

As with the examples I’ve listed above, the vocals of ‘Hatred’ are that bit more spoken, whilst still retaining a mystical wizardry and an industrial, sharp-edged tone from E11E that plays perfectly into the more uplifting, prowling ambience of ‘Saviour’. It’s a certainty that this formula will continue across the LP, whilst also bringing through that neo-noire, techno-influenced musicality that’s perhaps sometimes more Berghain than Birmingham dancefloor.

Cutting an ever-elusive figure in comparison to many of his counterparts, Dimension is especially tight-lipped regarding the EP, speaking out exclusively and minimalistically with Dave Jenkins at UKF, noting that “The album is an unadulterated take on the Dimension sound, it is violence, ecstasy, heartbreak and uncompromising energy. Saviour will be the first single of many…” As purveyors of the best in cutting-edge sound here at By The Producer, we for one can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, and we’ll be here to review the whole package once it drops.

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