Total Integration With T>I

Total Integration With T>I

We’re back, this time with heavyweight artist T>I who has been making waves recently with his release of the ‘Renegade’ minimal VIP, which has managed to hold its own at the top of the Beatport charts and still smashes it in the top five at the time of this article! T>I has been known for releasing many successful songs and EP’s, with his release of ‘Blank Canvas’ two months ago doing especially well and his continuous workflow and creativity shining through an otherwise packed genre at times. 

T>I has also been doing numerous livestreams for charity, entertaining the masses with his partner in crime and double-act Upgrade in true housemate style. If you’ve been wondering what else he’s been working on however and want to dive into the thick of it, here’s your opportunity!


The VIP you made of ‘Renegade’ was a big success, what was it like to work on such a classic tune and have that kind of response?

Amazing, if I'm honest. I have had a great relationship with Ray Keith for many years now and it was after he heard my remix of Marvellous Kane’s ‘Hitman’ he rang and gassed me up, and then just asked the question - will I remix the tune. Im over the moon with the response from the other DJs and ravers old and new. It seems I hit a nice balance with it, keeping it raw like the original but up to date in the way I would approach a remix.

As someone who has 21 years in the industry, who out of the upcoming talent are you most excited about and want to see more of?

Hmm there’s so many. I'm feeling Mozey at the moment and Gino's just made a tune I want to preload several times. But they've both been about a little while so if it's new, fresh talent then I think Hexa's good - he's got some swagger in his beats. Gray is also making some hard bangers.

Are your livestreams with Upgrade going to continue for the rest of the lockdown? The response has been great, and we all love the comedic value added to it!

Haha we will do the odd one every so often to keep it special, we just like being ourselves as we do when we play b2b in the clubs. Although it's a lot more relaxed, its been great doing them. I used to do a lot of pirate radio back in the day so chatting shit on a mic is easy. Although, it gets to the point where people would rather that we chatted bollox instead of playing the latest tune we'd made or got sent which gets a bit worrying!

Actually - how did you and upgrade meet in the first place anyways?

I could be wrong, but I think I met him at one of my events at the waterfront in Norwich. I let him backstage when I'd booked Serial Killaz.

Favourite music to chill to when you’re jamming on your own?

The only real chill time is if I'm driving on road, where I listen to classic or some talk radio. It keeps my brain alive because if I listened to DnB I'd lose my license.

To follow up on that, if it weren’t DnB you were focused on, what’s another genre you would be creating?

Dont hate, but I did swerve down the old 140 dubstep route mid 2000 mainly because I like the craziness in the bassline patterns. I still like some of the early deep stuff now so I’d probably make some kind of 140 jungle/dub hybrid nonsense.

Haha not hating on that! What was your favourite part of the New Zealand tour you did?

Christchurch & Auckland were my favourites - packed events, crazy ravers and amazing vibes all-round!

Is there anything new or upcoming that you are excited to tell us about?

So obviously ‘Blank Canvas’ came out just before lockdown and amazingly it's done really well sales wise! It’s just not had so much club play. So, I’m hoping to refresh some of the tracks by the time the clubs are back open; I have also started a Collab EP for Critical which I'm buzzing about. I’m not saying who the collaborations are with yet but the first tune is cooked and sounds so sick in my living room haha. 

Any projects (other than making music) that you’re working on to pass the time during lockdown?

I have my day job printing tees for the scene and many other organisations. My weeks are full of daytime work, so I haven't seen much time off at all.

First thing you’re going to do once you get out of isolation.

Get a fucking haircut!

Got any tips for anyone looking to keep their motivation and workflow alive during times like this?

I think now is the time to make listening music not face melting rave music.

Any female vocalists you would love to collaborate with on a track?

Ms. Dynamite would be sick!

Would you become a garage girl if approached with the opportunity?

Not into Two-Step mate sorry, I'll have to decline your offer!

All jokey antics aside, we hope you enjoyed reading and learning a bit more about the amazing talent that is T>I, we want to just say a special thanks for your continued support of ByTheProducer and a big thanks to T>I for answering our questions. We would also like to remind you to check out our Forum where you can share your tracks, get involved with any new Q&A’s and even find any equipment you might need in the marketplace!

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