Discovering: Alcemist

Discovering: Alcemist

Alcemist has so far smashed 2020 out of the park. His single 'Us', which revolves around warm subs and high-pitched vocals has paved the way for Alcemist to create his signature sound. This was quickly followed by another release, ‘The Gone EP’, once again on DnB Allstars Records.

The EP is finest piece of work to date. It's feel good Drum & Bass at its finest, with the theme of the songs revolving around unadulterated happiness, euphoria, loss and the love of raving. With the production being assisted by the beautiful and euphonious sound of vocalist and his girlfriend EJ Kitto, it really is no surprise that the release has done so well.

It's been a new sound for the London based producer to work with and one that he feels he can carry forward and make his own. We sat down with him to talk about his short but sweet time so far in the industry.


Can you tell the readers a bit about how you got into Drum & Bass?

The route of it is my dad. I remember him playing a Prodigy CD when I was nine or ten. Before that, my older brother Barney (shout out Barney) came to live at my parents’ house for a while and he was messing around with Reason (DAW) and it put it into my head from a young age that music production was sick. He showed me loads of things, got me hands on with it and I think it done me the world of good.

Looking at your back catalogue, you're first official release was with Dance Culture Recordings back in 2018.

That was a while back now. It was good to have that first release but if I could go back, I'd stop myself and say, 'those tunes aren't ready, you should wait'.

Almost everyone says that with their first release, hindsight is a wonderful thing. So, how did that release come around?

I'm from a place near Kent out in the countryside. I was introduced to this fella called Charismatic from Ashford, which is the nearest town to us. He ran the label, I showed him a few tunes and it went from there. It felt like forever for the tunes to come out because it was my first release. I didn't understand it and I thought it was going to be boom, Beatport, boom, Spotify.

Since then it's safe to say you've gone from strength to strength. You had the 'Us' release and now the 'Gone EP' both on DnB Allstar Records. Talk to me about the latter.

I'd say the Gone EP covers a variety of topics in my head. 'Crisp' is just a song about raving and pure unadulterated happiness. 'Gone' came from a pretty deep place in my heart when I was really upset. It's about losing something and then realizing how much you had. 'Don't You' doesn't carry so much meaning to me, but as I was making it, I was getting a lot of feelings of euphoria and reminds me of good times at raves.

The whole EP just has that feel good factor to it.

Yeah man, I think that's where the best music comes from.

It's a change of sound from what people would have associated Alcemist with.

100%. Not long before that I was just putting out filthy stuff up on the Soundcloud, the whole foghorn thing. I'll still make all sorts of stuff. I've got a release coming out on Born on Road and it's a proper showcase of everything I've been making recently. I'll still do the dirty stuff and I'll still do the jungle sound, but I think it's all going to be influenced with this new sound I'm working with.

I've made this song called 'The Plan' with EJ Kitto and I've got the vocal from one of her alternate/R&B tunes and have pitched up the vocals like in 'Gone'. That truly encapsulates the Alcemist sound in one tune.

I noticed that you've got the words Dread Recordings in your Soundcloud bio. What's going on between you two?

Ray (Keith) got in touch with me in May last year and he's guided me through a lot of stuff. I'd really like to thank Ray; he's really helped push me in the right direction with my music. I've now got six tunes that are coming out on Dread.

Six tunes on Dread, that's huge!

It's cool. Ray coming to me encouraged me to make better music. Summer this time last year was when I started really working hard at it (music). I locked myself in my mother’s shed and just made tunes on my laptop. 

Where does Alcemist want to be in five years’ time?

I'd like to be curating my own record label that is pushing young and talented producers, throwing some sick events and just spreading love and positivity.

A down to earth person who's love through the genre shines through himself and his music, the only way is up for Alcemist. He's found his sound very early on in his musical journey and we can't wait to hear what other 170bpm treats he has to serve up in the future.

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Written by Charlie Cummings for BTP

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