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When I used to think of the seaside town of Penarth in South Wales, I'd imagine a walk down the pier accompanied by some fish and chips. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is the sound of some unique, minimal and finely polished drum and bass.

Why? Because of Incurzion Audio.

A takeover of Juno Download's Instagram, their first music video and now a monthly podcast showcasing their forthcoming music highlights how far they have come.On this weeks Discovering; We spoke to Zak King, Founder and Creative Director of Incurzion Audio to speak about the Welsh labels journey so far.

First of all, I've got to congratulate you on hitting 6K followers on Soundcloud the other day.

Thanks Bro. I think I've exceeded where I expected to be two years into this. It feels a bit surreal as well to be honest.

You mention that it's only been two years, can you give a bit of background on how it all started?

Two years ago, it started as Incurzion Presents. We wanted to be an event brand, but we never ended up throwing an event. There were problems getting into any sort of venue to be able to put a night on so that knocked us back a bit. We went back to the drawing board and then came up with Incurzion Audio.

You've come quite a way in that short amount of time, what would you say the key element to that growth has been?

Be original. I think the main part about Incurzion is that we're not mainstream, we're underground. The music that we put out is quite different to anything that anyone else puts out. The key thing that me and TJ (Co-founder of Incurzion Audio) listen out for when we're listening to submissions is a difference in the music. Something that we might call weird or unorthodox.

Your brand takes pride in showing off where it's from, especially with your recent 'City Centre' release. Why do you want to push South Wales through the label so much?

It's got something to do with my pride of where I come from. Putting Penarth and South Wales behind the label is a good way of showcasing Wales for drum and bass. I think we're a bit forgotten about down here.

Like a lot of labels nowadays you started up through Soundcloud. When did you know it was time to start selling Incurzion’s sound instead of giving it away for free?

I don't think there's ever a right time to be honest. You've got to do it and you've got to expect to not get very far with the first few releases. It can be disheartening having hardly any sales, but you have to just push through it. I see a lot of labels that come and go and I'm guessing that it might be for that reason.

By (release) number eight, we hit the Juno charts and got a review from Juno themselves. We built a good relationship with them and now they review most of our music.

You've got quite a big Collective of Artists within Incurzion, what does it mean to be in it?

It just means that youre part of the family and part of the growth. There's no exclusivity to the artist and they can release wherever they want, but the general consensus is that their first point of release is through us. It's not that usual drum and bass sort of label collective, we are more of a family and group of friends.

Going back to the 6K landmark, you released the Master Error remix of ‘Mofes - Geiger'. How did that come about?

That came around in quite an odd way. I just had it in my inbox, Mofes had sent it to me and said, "do you like this tune". I was like yeah obviously haha it's a Master Error remix of Geiger. I was trying to figure out when to release it because our free download schedule is filled up until early next year now. We gave ourselves two weeks to hit 6K and we ended up hitting it within three days of that tune coming in.

Speaking of the release schedule, I sat down in the studio with TJ and we've decided to double the amount of releases we do per year.

Oh no way. That's wicked.

You'll be the first one to know this. We're now going to put out two paid releases a month. It will be the same sort of format but with a sub release as well as our main release.

They'll be no drop-in quality, the tunes that we've got are just absolutely ridiculous. It's not stuff we can sit on for another year and not stuff we can have producers sit on for another year.

Of course, if you've got artists sending you good music you can't expect them to sit on it for a year.

I've heard of people waiting for a release for two years before. I can't do that to people. But I also can't sit in my studio, listen to music and tell people our release schedule is full. I can't let music slip through the net like that.

I don't think you can put out too much music, as long as the promo is spot on. We managed to sit down in the studio yesterday and sign six new EP's in the space of two hours.

Where do you want Incurzion to be in five years?

Here, still doing what we do. Bigger stats, bigger events, but I've got no sort of dream to grow and be one of these huge labels. Any growth is good growth, but I'm happy with where we're at.

It's not about being big for me. It's about putting out this music, representing Penarth and South Wales and seeing where it goes from here.

Incurzion Audio are showing no signs of slowing down and have no reason to do so either. It's still early days but the dedication to the brand and the uniqueness to their sound give this record label every chance of becoming one of the big drum and bass brands in years to come.

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Article written by Charlie Cummings for

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  • Tom Llew - Apr 08, 2020

    Putting Wales on the map, class to see!

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