Discovering: MASTER ERROR

Discovering: MASTER ERROR

Luxembourg based producer Master Error has been making some serious moves in recent years. Releases on Young Guns, Liondub and Subliminal have helped put his 175bpm career off to a strong start.

His unique sound design, which consists of filthy and yet such clean sounds have made him a bit of any oxymoron of a producer. We sat down with him to discover how he started his career in Drum & Bass.

Can you tell us about how your journey into Drum and Bass started?

I got into the D&B scene around 2015, before this I was listening to Dubstep. I remember going onto YouTube and finding UKF's second channel, UKF Drum & Bass. I didn't know what it was at first. The first tune I listened to was 'Netsky - Tomorrow's Another Day' and I was just like 'wow'.

That's a wicked tune. What about your journey into production? How did that start?

So originally, I just wanted to DJ. Then a mate of mine showed me a tune he'd made, and I thought it was sick. From then on, I knew I needed to do that as well. I started with producing Dubstep and then moved onto Drum & Bass.

Do you still dabble in those other genres now?

I like to do everything. If you do one D&B all the time you lose your creative touch.

So far, you’ve put out six 100% Master Error production mixes now, totalling 131 minutes. How much time do you spend making music?

I would say I spend every day on music. As soon as I get back from work, I'll sit down and start making tunes. I'm always doing one week straight of Drum & Bass and then taking a complete break on the weekend. Just play games and do nothing, otherwise, I'll lose my workflow.


You've got a lot of dubs in these mixes, is it important for you to have an arsenal of unreleased music?

For me personally, I don't really care if they're released or unreleased. I just want to make music because I really love making tunes.

You're from Luxembourg, can you tell us a bit about the scene where you're from?

At the moment, it's dead and has been for about 1 and a half years. Everyone’s switching to Techno because the scene over here is really big. When I started DJing, the (D&B) scene was really big in Luxembourg but it has fallen quickly to death.

Any sort of desire to move abroad to somewhere it would be easier to get booked with a bigger scene?

I've thought about this for quite a long time now. I need to save a lot of money to move to another country but if I was to move, I think I'd move to Belgium or the U.K. That's still a really long time off though.

Where do you want Master Error to be in five years’ time?

I want to be making music and playing everywhere. Going to countries that I've never been to before and playing my music to people that enjoy it.

His versatility and unique signature sound make Master Error a producer whos going places in the next few years. Keep up to date with him and his music via the links below.


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