Document One - Debut of the Decade?

It’s rare nowadays to find an album in which every track can be considered a chart topper, however the Oxford-based duo Document One have done just that with their new self-titled album released on Shogun Audio. The duo has already solidified themselves as renowned artists, having previously established their roots in the Dubstep scene among the likes of some of the top a-list artists, such as Knife Party and Mistajam; however, they have always had a passion for D&B since they were in their teens. This album does a great job of showing that passion and influence to the world, in true, Document One fashion.

With previous hits on Shogun Audio after their signing in 2018 such as “LSD” and “Cosmic Funk”, Document One have had a very successful year indeed. This album takes aspects from their previous tracks, such as their own unique spin of Jazz and D&B fusion, as well as their use of warping bass and heavy-hitting drops to a whole new level, however you can also see they have taken a lot of influence from other artists too, creating their own unique sound from the experiences they’ve had along the way – which is why this album is so special and unique.

The album consists of 18 tracks, 4 of which are instrumental mixes, along with a couple of skits thrown in-between that help to create a nice break you would see more in a hip-hop album than a D&B one. Each track feels clear, distinguished and unique. You can tell that a lot of thought has been put into production. However, there are a few tracks that really shine through. The track “1964” is one of them, released 3 weeks prior as a teaser to the album release, it’s akin to the track “LSD”, however you can see how their sound design has evolved from a production standpoint with this track, it gets straight to the point and it does it well.

Then you have “Shutdown”, released a month prior to the album launch and the very first track on the album, it creates strong first impressions overall. It feels like the distant relative of “Program” by Chase and Status, using a punchy beat and incorporating impressive vocals to match. The track “Crystal” however takes a completely fresh approach, going for a more melodic beat and early 80’s-esque synths. Javeon also provides R&B style vocals which works well with the track, creating a peaceful liquid masterpiece. One of our favourite tracks on the album has got to be “Throwback” – which feels like it has clear influence from earlydays Prodigy and 90’s rave music in the intro; followed by a heavy, bassy drop with a running jungle loop to match.

Overall, this album is undoubtedly impressive; a great sign of things to come for the duo and a sure-fire hit on the Beatport charts. This is one of the most varied albums released this year so far and the best Document One debut album we could have hoped for from Document One.

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