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How D&B came together for the NHS.

How D&B came together for the NHS.

Over the weekend, the drum and bass community came together to raise over £16,000 for the NHS. The 'Stay at Home Festival' was put together by Goat Shed and Onyx Recordings. It consisted of three days of sets from D&B DJ's, live-streamed right from their own houses. The line-up included the likes of AC13, Amoss, Bryan Gee, Klinical and a surprise B2B set from T>I & Upgrade.

We spoke to Adam Slevin, Owner of Goat Shed, about how the first-ever 'Stay at Home' DnB festival went.

What sparked the idea of a 'Stay at Home' festival'?

Honestly, Chris Wickens (Founder of Onyx Recordings) just approached me and asked, 'What do you think of doing this?'. I said let's do it, let's just go with it. We put down the phone and started working on it. We looked at artists, logistics and by the end of the day we had a line up".

How difficult was it setting it up in a short amount of time?

To be honest, it was pretty tough. A lot of long days trying to get it ready in time, trying to get the line ups out and trying to get confirmation from DJ's. We got it done and considering the short amount of time we had, it ended up being pretty good."

How much has been raised in total for the NHS?

So, in total the community has raised £16,750, which is just mad. We're going to close it off today or tomorrow and then just send it straight off. I think everyone realises how important the NHS is through these weird times. It's great to be able to give what we can and raise awareness as well".

Any standout moments for you over the weekend?

Musically, too many to pick from. What I would like to highlight is just the comments and the people watching. They kept me going all weekend, just so many fun and hilarious times to get me through the long days. Big up everyone."

It's astounding and amazing to see what our community can do during these times. We've managed to find a way to bring our beloved raves to our front living rooms, and at the same time help our National Health Service in a time of crisis.

Check everyone involved here;
Goat Shed -
Onyx FB -


Written by Charlie Cummings for BYTHEPRODUCER.COM

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