Inside the mind of Bou

Inside the mind of Bou

Today, we managed to get a hold of Manchester established Bou for an exclusive interview looking at his recent achievements, collaborations and releases to date. He is well known for his broad style of production, having won ‘Best Track’ at this year’s Drum and Bass awards alongside multiple others that just further cement his name in the scene. We also cover some future plans and upcoming goals with Bou, giving some insight into what else the tune-shelling titan has in store for us!


How are you keeping yourself occupied during these times?

Keeping myself busy with music while also making so much new music ready for when this is all over… oh and lots of Warzone

You won at the Drum and Bass awards this year too, raking in not 1 but 4 awards to take home with you, I bet that was a crazy feeling!

Yeah it was insane, I did not expect it to happen at all - so amazing that people voted for me to win 1 award let alone 4, it’s an honour. Thank you all for voting honestly!

Take us through your creation process (in short)

Normally I start with the drums first but if that doesn’t work then I can also start with introductions working to transition it into the drop. I do a lot of processing before too with 808’s and sounds like that

Tell us about your recent ‘The archives’ release too

The archives were basically 20 tracks that I had sat there that I liked but not enough for a label release, so I thought I would give the fans something to listen to while I finish future projects. People seem to be loving it and I am very thankful for that!

Is there anyone you would really like to work on a track with at the moment?

I have done so many collabs right now! For the future though my all-time goals would be to collaborate with Chase and Status or Shy FX.

What was it like to do a collaboration with High Contrast?

Collaborating with High Contrast was such a different experience for me; to see how he writes it all with such a musical input - it was like he wrote music vastly different to how others do. It was honestly very inspiring for me.

What do you think the first thing you’re going to do will be once this lockdown is lifted?

Ummmm, probably just go shopping - I really miss going shopping, do you know what I mean?

For someone who is trying to build up their name as an artist, what is your best advice for them?

Be original, work with like-minded producers, basically try to be different - don’t forget to work on your socials as well. It is a key part to growing in this age.

Wise words. Moving forward, what do you want to see in terms of your growth and direction?

I’d love to work with more bands, expanding outside of drum and bass to work with different vocalists and genres, stuff people wouldn't expect me to!

Anything you want to promote while you have the chance?

Veteran VIP is dropping May 14th and you can also watch out for a sample pack coming soon for!

We would just like to say a massive thank you for joining us for an interview, it was a pleasure getting to know you a bit better! Make sure to follow Bou on his socials to keep up to date with his releases. There will be a new interview every 2 weeks, so make sure to follow our socials too so you can see who’s up next!

New ‘The Archives’ Bou release:

Follow Bou;

Article by Chris McKenna for BYTHEPRODUCER

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