Recap: Korsakov & By The Producer - Digital Festival

Recap: Korsakov & By The Producer - Digital Festival

On Saturday, we continued our dedication to the very best in new talent with a new venture, but one that still holds the values and ethos of both By The Producer and the COLLECTED:1 project at heart. After holding the Number 1 spot on Juno Download for four delightful, consecutive weeks, we teamed up with one of the Netherlands’ most in-demand brands, who have proven their breadth and far-reaching influence with a stunning string of events and releases: Korsakov

Hosted by our friends at WOOV, an app you may be familiar with from your countless festival excursions, 25th July saw the artists from our recent chart-topping compilation take to the digital stage for a full-day showcase of the best in new Drum & Bass talent. From the names & prospects involved, we forecast a day of sublime sonic artillery and that’s just what we got, and then some (no umbrellas were harmed in the making of this livestream). At its basis, Saturday was a celebration of the greatest grassroots talent we have to offer.

The handpicked lineup was jam-packed full of some of the most on-point talent from across the entirety of the 174 spectrum right now. We were treated to the sights, sounds & sonics of Brighton badman Dreadnaught, upcoming favourite Bruk, man-of-the-moment Disrupta, Exeter beatsmith & RUN resident Stokka, the heavily-supported Brum blitzer Total Recall, Tyne trickster Hexa, the lavishly talented L3MMY DUBZ, nefarious Notts don Nebula, the deep fried Junglist himself TackTile, the aptly-named Bristol boss Alakazam, multi-talented Jump Up killer Klay, exciting Edinburgh-based producer Refracta & the ever-ascending rollin’ don Bennie, and if that wasn’t enough for you, the bossman Hedex jumped in for a set as well! As the only place to see this calibre of new artists together; it’s a precursor and foreshadowing to who is really going to be the next big thing in Drum & Bass. 

Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it with more groundbreaking, brand new talent. You can be assured of that.

In case you’ve missed the compilation, here’s what the Juno Download crew had to say about it: “Pick any of the most exciting new-gen names in D&B and we bet our bottom dollar they're repping in this collection. A debut V/A from Hedex's By The Producer brand, Collected 1 is bulging with the seams with fresh talent: Hexa, Disrupta, Dreadnought, Stokka, Klay, Bruk, the list goes on. With cameos from more established Gs like Total Recall and Jam Thieves - and a deep, rumbling, futuristic contemporary mood and sound running throughout - this captures 2020 in drum & bass perfect. Agitated, dark, moody, but hungry for a better future... And not afraid to have a little fun. One of the best V/As we've seen in a long time. Get collecting.

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