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Software Spotlight: Zebralette

Software Spotlight: Zebralette

Its Saturday, heres some FREE software! Zebralette, taken from its big brother Zebra2, is a simple yet powerful VST synth made free to you by the guys over at u-He. 

What is Zebralette?

Zebralette is an introduction to Zebra2’s powerful oscillators. Zebra2 can seem overwhelming at first glance, so we stripped it down to a single oscillator plus a few other features and created Zebralette, the little Zebra. Once you master Zebralette you can move up to Zebra2 with confidence. And your presets can come with you, as Zebralette presets can be opened in Zebra2.

But more than a teaching tool, Zebralette is an incredible sounding synth in its own right. Surrounding Zebra’s spectral oscillator with a few core modulation options and effects make Zebralette highly capable. With unsion options (think supersaw, but Zebralette is not limited to saw waves, so we refer to it as superwave), 16 voice polyphony and two different envelopes, you have everything needed to create some marvellously complex sounds.

Diminutive? Yes. Powerful? Yes.
- taken from


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