The DNB Raffle for the NHS

The DNB Raffle for the NHS

Introducing: The Drum and Bass raffle hosted by Pick’n’mix! For the first of its kind to spring up during these tough times, there’s a huge boatload of prizes to be won ranging from exclusive Ben Snow tracks and an upload on famed ‘Jump Up Cave’, to winning 3 tickets to future DnB Allstars events! The event takes place over on the Pick’n’mix Facebook page on May 22nd (link at the bottom) and all the proceeds go directly towards the NHS so that we can hopefully get out of this faster and go back to raving it out with our friends and DnB family once again!

There are different tiers too, suiting both producers and ravers alike - with each ticket to the raffle costing a fair and affordable £2, there’s no excuse for not participating and giving it a go! The raffle tickets can be brought from the main website,; where you can pick a number from 1-2000 and have your chance at winning something once the livestream starts at 9pm GMT. The stream will be hosted by established DnB artist and owner of Pick’n’mix, TJ where he will be entertaining you and letting people know who won one of those sweet prizes!

One of the main spoils includes winning this belter of a track produced by Yoteii, fittingly titled ‘COVID-19’:

Yoteii · COVID-19 [Clip] (The DNB Raffle)[22/05/20]

If that is not enough, there is something extra special for producers wanting to have the opportunity to work on a track with one of the great kings of the rollers, Voltage! He is giving away the chance to do a collaboration for one lucky winner. If you are looking to further improve your production skills and see how Voltage does it in the studio, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to do so!

All the prizes listed in the Producer/DJ bundle are as follows:

  • £50 Store Credit
  • A collaboration with Voltage
  • A collaboration with Citrusfly
  • Remix from Total Recall
  • Exclusive tunes from Ben Snow & many more
  • 1 to 1 session or mastering from Guzi
  • 1 to 1 feedback session with Trakker
  • Upload on Jump Up Cave
  • DNBA Interview & Press Release
  • Artist Website (Unit One Design)
  • Enta Sample Pack
  • Flat T Sample Pack

If that doesn’t take your fancy, or you don’t produce but want to still earn some wicked prizes, there’s a raver/DJ bundle that is perfect for you:

  • 3x Tickets to future Bou & Haribo sets
  • 3x Tickets to DNB Allstars events
  • Exclusive music from Ben Snow & others
  • £50 Bowlcut Garms credit
  • £50 graphics package (Matthew Thatcher)
  • Artwork package (Zak King)
  • DNB Union – £50 Essential promotion package
  • 2x Cover art pack (Gy-Graphics)
  • 2x Event coverage from LoveShackSound
  • Low Down Deep merch giveaway
  • Return II Jungle hat
  • PNM Stickers & Exclusives
  • Wonky Goose merchandise
  • Free promo on DNB Shack

So, there is plenty to win for everyone! We would like to shout out to everyone that has contributed towards the raffle, from the artists, groups and websites along with Pick’n’mix for setting this up and making it possible in the first place, along with those of you contributing to help fight this cause which matters and impacts our lives now more than ever. Head over to the website to take your spots on the starting line and hopefully you will finish with some merchandise or a sample pack in hand!

The livestream will be happening here:

Make sure to keep an eye on the page for further updates and buy your spot through website by creating an account, choosing your winning number and answering a quickfire question to get you started! For those of you that don’t wish to enter through the raffle, however you still want to contribute and help the NHS, there’s an alternative donation link here:

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