Turning it up with Turno.

Turning it up with Turno.

In this very special interview, we get the chance to have a peek into the world of all things Turno, delving into his new releases, projects and what he has next in store for us. Turno has come a long way since he started, playing around with different genres from Bassline to House – while also tapping into every sub-genre along the way in some shape or form, proving to us that he is technically one of the most exciting producers currently in circulation and not shy to a bit of experimentation with his craft. With his recent releases ‘Gunshotta’ and ‘If Only’ which has potentially one of the most captivating videos of this year so far, he is taking the scene to new heights and getting stronger with every release! We can’t wait to find out what else he has in store for us!


With your recent release of the ‘Toto – Africa’ bootleg, what has been the response so far? We know people have been waiting on this one!

Ahh mate it was crazy humbling! It connected with so many people! I literally made a loop on my laptop about a year ago, and it was ROUGH!

Somehow lockdown brought the emotion out of me to finish it and I managed to bang it out in one day. A week later, it got premiered on 1Xtra by Jerimiah which was mental! I remember getting gassed listening to it my T. V! Hella reloads on that one.

Turno · Toto - Africa (Turno Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD

Which track have you had the most fun creating in the last year and why?

My next single “Tech-no”. It’s the most creative piece of work I’ve done in my whole career I would say. It started off as a Tech-House track a couple of years ago. Just something I made for fun y’know? Then a good friend suggested I convert it into a DnB track. I was a bit thrown off at first but then I started getting excited about the potential result. So, yeah… “Tech-no” was born!!

A Fusion of Tech-House, DnB and my vocals. All in one neat package! Out now!

You have released so much content as of late, for those who sometimes lack motivation, what would you say to them if given the opportunity?

Adjust and evolve!

This is peak times trust me. But this is life now. We can’t just stand still and fester in our own self-bubble. This has been quite refreshing for me really! It’s a time to reflect, re-evaluate and prosper. It’s actually instilled a fire in my belly which I forgot I had. You realise how strong you are in these situations and I have definitely learnt a lot about myself in the last 2 months which will change the way I move forward for sure!

Turno · Tech-no

We noticed that across your career you have delved into a lot of different genres, from your alter-ego ‘Second Nature’ where you found a love for House, to having some fun with Grime and Bassline. What is next on your agenda, anything in particular? Or are you playing around with a bit of everything and seeing what works for you?


My ultimate goal is to just be respected as an all-round artist. I love to make other music and experiment in different fields, but I don’t want to make another alias. I feel artists should be able to express whatever they want and that is enlightenment to me! I respect the journey to get there is a gradual transition, but I hope my album is a firm step in the right direction.

It will be interesting to see how that direction takes form! Which artists are you currently keeping an eye on at the moment?

Zero is proper sick! Forward thinking, great energy! Proper G. Same goes for Annix, literally staples of the scene for that wave! Gino too you know! He’s bringing some sick flavours - like a new wave G Dub. House wise, dude called Marcellus UK. Discovered him though a mate and he’s defo bringing some heat!

Turno · Gunshotta w/ Zero & Killa P

How have the 1-to-1 sessions been going for you? Has it worked as alternative income source during these troubling times?

Broooo when I first found out about the raves locking off, I was broke. I had no savings because I brought a flat last year and was just about to go on tour to OZ and NZ to get back in the greens! So I had to quickly sort something out… luckily, I’ve been teaching for a while now so I just capitalised on that! It went really well, and I was working the following day for 5 weeks solid! It was pretty mental and it really helped - not just financially but personally! I live on my own, so it was nice to just speak to someone, whilst also sharing the emotions and experiences of all this madness! So yeah, THANK YOU to everyone who had a lesson and is continuing to do so!

First thing you’re going to do once all of this is over?


You aren’t alone there! Moving on - for those who don’t know what it is, can you give us a rundown of your ‘Ethos’ competition and what it entails?

Right! So, Ethos is a music production teaching platform aimed at all levels! Teaching the techniques and knowledge to survive and get noticed in today’s market. We want to stress that this is a community - an online dating site for producers if you want haha. We have a built-in discord chat which we optimise for social activity and discussion. We also want up and coming artists to feel safe and positive about sharing a track or asking a question, you know?

Members will receive a sample pack from myself every month and a number of tutorial videos including track breakdowns, advanced techniques, sound design, resampling - the lot. Members get a big say in what they want to see. We also run a monthly “Mission” in which members must follow a set list of rules and use the sample pack to create a piece of music. Winners receive a 1-to-1 with me, Time is Now goodies and their track is showcased on the site.

Merchandise is a big part of your direction as an artist actually, with the release of ‘Time is Now’ a few years ago doing as successful as it has - do you have any plans to continue with a new project or add more merchandise to the Time is Now line?

YES, WE DO!!!! We did take a step back last year for several reasons. I lost the love a bit to be honest. But after being slapped out of it by my colleague we relit the fire! We have taken a much different approach this time, learning the industry a lot more in all fields. It does take time, but we are nearly ready to unleash the new range and it’s our most custom to date!

Any new news on your collaboration with A.M.C that took everyone by storm in the last couple of years’ tours? Once this is all over will you continue to collaborate with him in future projects?

Yea man! We both had to concentrate on our solo careers last year so that took priority, but we did have loads on this summer! We have a number of tracks that need to come out, so keep an eye out for that in the near future!

Anything you would like to shout out or promote while you have the chance?


We just want to say a huge thanks to Turno for answering our questions and taking time out to update us on what he’s been working on and what future plans he has cooking up for us in the last few months of isolation!  Make sure to give him a follow on his socials to keep up to date with any new releases that may be coming out! Also, check out his Ethos project and the Time is Now merchandise through the link below too!

Click HERE to access the Ethos Project
Click HERE for Time Is Now

Follow Turno:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djturno/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/turnodj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turno_/






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