Voltage debuts on RAM with a badboy selection!

Voltage debuts on RAM with a badboy selection!

Voltage back at it again, with his newly released EP – “Black Mamba” - already hitting the Beatport DnB Top 100 and showing off his incredible creativity once again. With tracks such as “Between the Lines”, “Bad Boy Selection” and the EP’s title track “Black Mamba”, he shows us why he is regarded as one of the best DJ’s on the scene, all the while showing off his production skills for his first ever debut on RAM Records.

The three tracks [Released 28/06/2019] have that distinctive Voltage sound, but vary all the same. “Black Mamba” is a minimalistic, dark roller; combining a jungle-esque loop and wobbly bassline to boot. The song does a great job at building up tension in the first minute, utilising eerie background sounds similar to that of a horror film, rather than a DnB track – something we’ve seen him do before with releases such as “Do You Want To Die?” [Low Down Deep] and “Smoked Out” [Rampage Records].

“Between the Lines” however takes a different approach. My personal favourite on the EP, it’s a perfect blend of liquid and roller; using beautiful piano chords and male vocals that contrast amazingly together; before being hit by a barrage of low-end bass that comes in waves. Finally, there’s “Bad Boy Selection”, which similar to “Black Mamba”, does a great job at mixing a running jungle loop with a heavy bassline. Running at a lower, 88 BPM range, it reminds me a lot of the darker cousin to his track “Jungle Animal” [Rollaz].

Overall, Voltage is once again cementing his name across the board. Utilizing his skills as a great producer to display clever variety and talent most would struggle to pull off. I can’t wait to see what other mischief he has up his sleeve. At the time of writing this article [03/07/2019], the EP is comfortably sitting at number 1 on the Top 100 DnB Releases chart after only 5 days since its release, while also sitting at number 7 on the overall chart. The individual songs are doing great too; “Between the Lines” sits at no. 24, followed by “Bad Boy Selection” at no. 41 and finally “Black Mamba” sitting at no. 72 on the individual Beatport DnB track charts.

​If you wish to purchase the new Voltage – “Black Mamba” EP, make sure to follow these links:

RAM Records Website: https://bit.ly/2LAZkQY
Beatport: https://bit.ly/2KVqItG

Follow Voltage:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voltage_uk_
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/voltage_uk_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voltage_uk_

Article by Chris McKenna, News.

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