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When entering and using this website (www.bytheproducer.com and its likeness) you agree to the following Terms & Conditions

(1) About

By The Producer Limited is a company registered in England & Wales under company number 13163668

(2) Registration

Registration is not required to view, purchase or utilise open parts of the web domain however when purchasing products from By The Producer Limited you will be required to provide the necessary personal information to create the purchase. Information provided is securely stored and you agree that By The Producer Limited can use this information for marketing purposes related to the company.

(3) Product License Agreement

Products downloaded from www.bytheproducer.com are retailed and purchased as 100% royalty free, meaning that they are licensed to you the purchaser via By The Producer Limited. When purchased via payment to By The Producer Limited you then have the free right to use these products in your own commercial works such as but not limited to Music, Film, Social and all formats of Web without the recouping of royalties.

(4) Copyright

This website and its products, while licensed for royalty free use when purchased are still protected and under copyright prohibiting the following but not limited to; copying, re-release, leasing or distribution of products and its accompanying included content listed as purchasable on the By The Producer is strictly prohibited and prosecutable under the proposed governing law.

(5) Purchasing & Downloading

When purchasing from the platform, you agree and confirm that you have the right to use your chosen payment method and information provided. By The Producer Limited may not be held liable for any issue or delay in the payment process and do not hold the ability to manually retry, re-enter or refuse payments through our provider.

All downloads and payments are handled using our webstore built on Shopify and the affiliated payment providers such as but not limited to ShopifyPayments, Stripe, PayPal, ShopPay and more. No credit card information is stored by us or the platform.

(6) Refund Policy

When the payment has processed, you will be able to digitally download your order from the confirmation screen provided. All products purchased are non-refundable unless faulty. For any issues you can email support@bytheproducer.com for Customer Service access.

(7) Disclaimer

The platform and its licensed assets owned By The Producer are not liable against any potential issues such as but not limited too; Losses, Fees, Royalties, Cases & Associated Costs. While By The Producer Limited takes the necessary steps to provide a platform that is Virus, Malware, Spyware and Harmful Software free we are not liable for any loss or damages caused when using both products and the platform.

(8) Governing law

This TOS is subject to the jurisdiction of English courts and the accompanying English law. Your statutory rights are not affected.