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2019 - 2023.

A message from us,

Our mission started back in 2019, to provide a sample pack platform for the producer, by the producer and we cannot explain how grateful we are to have received your love, energy and support throughout our time to achieve this mission. Since starting, we worked with over 225+ incredible artists spanning multiple genres to provide over 200 products that helped the next generation understand, learn and grow their production. What started as a dream to build a platform allowing producers to create sounds for the next generation, became a reality.

While our time has been amazing, it hasn’t always been easy and being met with challenges in recent times that we are seeing in so many industries has only left us with unfortunately one viable option and that is to close, as a brand, indefinitely.

To the incredible artists who provided us with the ground breaking audio samples, thank you. To the resilient team who worked day in day out to provide and keep the service running, from the management of products and projects to marketing all the way to the video production team, thank you.

And finally to you, who supported, shouted about and created with the By The Producer products, we thank you - you helped this small team achieve their dream.

By The Producer, For The Producer