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Digital Koala: Bass Atmospherics & FX (Sample Pack)

Digital Koala: Bass Atmospherics & FX (Sample Pack)

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Introducing Digital Koala, known for his incredibly detailed approach to Sound Design for not only Bass & Drums sounds but also for his intricate Atmospheres & Textures. Inside this pack you will find 200+ Presets, Samples & Loops covering Atmospheres, Granular Pads, Textures, Downlifters & FX, Drones & much much more. Add life to your production with the Textures or add soul and width with the Drones & Granular pads, not forgetting the endless ability to re-sample and add thousands of Post Processing techniques to really give them your personal touch in production too.

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Files: 208
Total Samples: 183
Total Presets: 25
Granular Pads: 40
Serum Presets: 25
Drones/Texturs: 30
Uplifters: 20
Snare Roll: 15
Downlifters: 20
Serum Tables: 28

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What Digital Koala says

"I always say that regardless of the style of music, it should sound atmospheric. The atmosphere must be there, whether it's a modern EDM or a basement Deep Dubstep. Bass Atmospheric & FX is a set of various tools and solutions that will complement the climax and atmosphere of your track! Noises. drones, strange sounds - there is a use for all this. Turn on your imagination and make it work!"

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