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Heist Presents: Analogue Samples & Presets for the OB-6 (Official)

Heist Presents: Analogue Samples & Presets for the OB-6 (Official)

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Introducing Heist Hardware samples: the OB-6 pack! This pack contains one of a kind sounds created using the OB-6 synthesizer. The OB-6 Synth is a collaboration between the two most influential designers in poly synth history, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim, No other modern analog poly synth can create the kind of sounds made with the OB-6. Inside the pack is 100 samples made using the OB-6 synthesizer, including bass hits, leads, pads and more. Plus, for an extra £10 you can get 85 OB-6 presets to use on your own OB-6 synthesizer!

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Samples: 100
Bass: 33
Arps: 6
FX: 6
Leads: 22
Synths: 17
Total OB6 Presets: 85
SYSEX Programs
Soundtower Programs

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