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Natty D: DNB Acapellas Vocal Sample Pack (Official)

Natty D: DNB Acapellas Vocal Sample Pack (Official)

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Introducing Natty D the Birmingham based MC! The MC is a versatile microphone champion who hones his craft across a wide range of sounds in underground dance music. Natty D has MC'ed for some of the best in the game including, Chimpo, Serum, T>I, Nicky Blackmarket, Aries and much more as well as seeing releases on a number of different record labels. Inside this pack is 40 vocal hits and loops all recorded at 175 BPM for you to make a DNB vocal banger. Included in the pack is one shots, 2 bar 4 bar, 8 bar, and 16 bar loops. Listen to the demo sounds below to get a taste of the Natty D vocals.

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Files: 40
One shots: 20
2 Bar: 5
4 Bar: 5
8 Bar: 5
16 Bar: 5

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What Natty D says

"This pack had a lot of thought go into it. I wrote most of my 8 and 16 bars from scratch bar one of them. I used inspiration from previous Lyrics and made it unique. For some of my one lyric shots I used some of my slogans that I would when hosting in the rave. In this pack i tried variating my flow to cater for all preferences buy still stay true to my sound."

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