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Sahala: Vocal Acapella Sample Pack (Official)

Sahala: Vocal Acapella Sample Pack (Official)

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Introducing Sahala, the South African based artist often seen laying down vocals on Bloc 2 Bloc as well as collaborating with artists such as Heist and MC Harribo. Inside this pack features 2 bar, 4 bar, 8 bar and 16bar loops as well as one shot hits both in wet and dry versions ready for you to drag and drop straight into your next project. listen to the demo sounds below to hear more of what's inside this pack.

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Files: 135 (Dry & Wet)
Wet Loops
2 Bars: 8
4 Bars: 16
8 Bars: 12
16 Bars: 6
One Shots: 28
Dry Loops
2 Bars: 7
4 Bars: 17
8 Bars: 12
16 Bars: 6
One Shots: 23

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What Sahala says

"I created this Vocal sample pack with award winning hooks and anthems that reflects my heart and passion for drum and bass. Inside you will find raw material and duplicated wet vocal takes for you to drag into your project. The process behind this pack was simple and frequency driven and I had so much fun writing and recording unique and exclusive hooks and Bars."

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