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Vault Samples: Womp Bass Serum Preset Pack (Official)

Vault Samples: Womp Bass Serum Preset Pack (Official)

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Introducing Vault Samples: Womp Bass preset pack for Serum. Update your library with 50 heavy Womp bass presets with multiple different tones, lengths and styles. Reverse engineer to improve your Serum knowledge or load them up to add the finishing touches to your basslines for only £9.99. Plus, the .wav files are included for re-sampling if you like! Preview the demo sounds below to get a taste of what is inside.

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Files: 100
Serum Presets: 50
Wav's: 50

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About the pack

"The womp bass! One of the most requested sound banks and one of our most popular products to date. The womp bass preset bank for serum features everything you’ll need to add next level impact to your drops. Closely study the techniques used throughout the bank and we can confidently say you’ll have everything you’ll need to unlock a whole world of womps!"

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