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Zombie Cats: Sample Pack (Official)

Zombie Cats: Sample Pack (Official)

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Introducing Zombie Cats, the DNB duo that took the DNB scene by storm. Operating out of their studios in Germany and Australia the duo found there home with Eatbrain recordings, one of Europes biggest DnB labels. Self proclaimed chameleons with vibe, the Zombie Cats style can range from heavy Neurofunk to soulful Liquid DNB. Inside this Pack is 200 Samples including, drum loops & hits, bass loops & hits, synth hits and much more.

Pack Demo Sounds

Full Pack Breakdown

Total Files: 200
Drum Loops & Hits: 57
Bass Loops & hits: 62
Synths Hits: 15
Synth Loops: 16
Vocal hits: 10
SFX: 40

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What Zombie cats say

"We make a lot of different sounds in a lot of different ways, so we wanted our sample pack to reflect on that. We like to cover a broad spectrum of dnb. You can represent a lot of different vibes with the same samples depending on your approach."

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